Before the Move

During the estimate meeting, we will talk to you about which items you can pack on your own before the move to make moving day go quickly and smoothly. 

While we are happy to pack for you, Reputation Movers charges based on an hourly rate, so the more work you've done ahead of time, the more you will save.  For example, if you have lots of books, you can pack those well ahead of time.  

If you have the chance to visit your new house while it's empty, label the rooms: Master Bedroom, Child's Bedroom, etc.  Then label your boxes the same way.


You can ask us for advice during the estimate meeting, but here are some basic packing tips:

·    Pack heavy items in small boxes.  

·    Use larger items for lighter items, like clothes or bedding.  

·    Make sure you get lots of boxes.  You will always need more boxes than you think. 

·    Mark the boxes, so you will know where they go in your new house.  (You can also mark fragile items.)   

·    Use lots of packing paper.  Newspaper is fine, but some people find that the ink can rub off on items.  

On Moving Day

·    We will show up on time.  We personally supervise every move.  

·    We will bring moving blankets to cover your furniture and other large items (like your flatscreen TV).  You can rest assured that we will do everything we can to make sure items arrive at your new home in the same condition they left your old one.

·    We will move all of the items out of your house and onto the truck.  We secure furniture and fragile items so that they will not shift.  

·    At your new house, we will move everything off the truck, and into the rooms you indicate. 

 Call us for more information - (703) 660-6683.